Chua Thian Poh Community Leadership Programme


Through our curriculum, CTPCLP seeks to develop fellows with

characteristics, knowledge, and skills that are befitting of a community

developer and leader.

Microsoft Word - Info Booklet Admission to CTPCLP AY16.docx

General Programme Requirements

During their entire candidature in NUS, fellows admitted into our programme are required to read 2 academic modules to acquire knowledge and skills that are relevant to community development and leadership. They will also lead and participate in exciting applied social research, and engage in an attachment with a social service organisation. To keep interactions regular and meaningful, each fellow will join or create a CTPCLP interest hub, which are centred on the fellows’ interests in various social issues or causes.

There is no fixed path to complete the requirement. As long as fellows satisfactorily fulfil the programme’s requirements upon their graduation from NUS, they will be awarded certificate of completion.