Chua Thian Poh Community Leadership Programme


Interested NUS undergraduates in any field of study at the undergraduate level may apply to our programme. Students can do so during our open application period in Semester 1 of each academic year.

CTPCLP is an enrichment programme for applying community development mindsets and skills through hands-on projects in partnership with local community organisations. We don’t offer credit-bearing modules directly.

To be deemed to have completed the programme and be awarded with a certificate, a core requirement is to complete a CTP RSX opportunity (an applied social research project or attachment) at any point in time during your NUS duration. For project examples, check out:

More information on the CTPCLP, such as what other requirements there are, can be found in the CTPCLP Information Booklet.

Admissions Timeline

Milestone Period
Application September
Interview October – November
Result December


Admissions Procedure

To apply for the AY17/18 cycle, please submit your personal particulars via this online link:

Closing date is 1 Oct 2017.

The application needs to be accompanied by the following documents, which are to be emailed to

  1. Admission Essay**  (AY17/18’s Admission Essay Questions are available here.)
    **If you’re planning to sign up for a project in AY17/18 Sem 1, submission of the admission essays will be waived. See project opportunities and how to sign up here.
  2. Curriculum Vitae (especially to highlight past experiences relevant to your community involvement; you can look for a guide to write your CV or resume here if you don’t have one already)
  3. One Reference Letter (or an existing testimonial from your previous schools)
  4. NUS Academic Transcript (Applicable only to Year 2 & above students)

After we’ve received your completed online form and application documents, we will drop you an email to arrange for an informal interview with you, occasionally in a small group together with a few other applicants. Thank you.



For further information, please refer to or contact:

Mr Jason Ng / Ms Liana Yeo

Tel: 6516 4073 / 6516 8737

Email: /