Chua Thian Poh Community Leadership Programme


CTPCLP Heartbeats Journal Volume 2, 2015

  • Cancer Rehabilitation: Understanding the Cancer Journey

    By Grace Ooi Mei Yi, Koh Hui Qi & Vanessa Lim Zi Kun
  • An Exploratory Analysis: The Aspirations of Spouses of Incarcerated Individuals

    By Goh Jia Min Charmain & Shyaza Afiqah Bte Abdul Malik
  • Exploring Child Protection in the Community

    By Chong Yen Kiat
  • "Foreign Spouses": Only Grouses: An Asset-Based Community Development Approach to Assimilating Migrant Wives

    By Wan Chien Yang Alfred & Goh Wei Leong
  • Singapore Youth's Perception of Mental Health Issues

    By Andy Tay Kah Ping
  • Detailing the Experiences of Licensed Moneylenders and Borrowers since the Moneylenders Act 2008

    By Tang Wai Hong
  • Recognizing Staffing Needs for Chronic Sick Patients in Long-Term Care Settings: A Study of Ren Ci Hospital

    By Tan Mei Fen